West Texas never crossed my mind, but I had no idea it was so desolately beautiful (think
No Country for Old Men and There Will be Blood--they were filmed here). I have fallen in love with the isolation and serenity. The next visit will be much longer and include Big Bend and Terlingua.

I only spent one night in Marfa at the Thunderbird, and Mondays are relaxing because many businesses are closed. 

Marfa is a mix of artistry and local color; the well-deserved hype evolved from Donald Judd's work over 30 years ago and the present revival of art spaces. NY Arts Magazine's article on Donald Judd summarizes his work and vision from an architect's perspective.

Although a small town, Marfa has a rich history, so I'll rely on Wikipedia for an explanation. It may be off the beaten path, but it's definitely worth the trek. The mystery lights may even make an appearance!

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  1. Fantastic highlights, sparkling commentary, interesting detail... You planned well! I'm proud of you and thrilled to be able to share in your joys like this.