Santa Barbara

The last two days of the cross-country adventure were spent soaking up sun in Santa Barbara. Every destination has been striking, and Santa Barbara was a great end-of-the-trip city. . .it's lush and gorgeous. 

We ate clams at Brophy's and watched a couple attempt to finish some monstrous drink at Longboard's. The dude was falling asleep half way through his fishbowl of liquor while his date kept going strong. We were caught taking pictures of them by their friends, but what else are you going to do on a Friday afternoon other than create a scenario and watch it unfold?

On another note, climbing the hills of Santa Barbara with my cousin made me realize that I need to exercise. . .really soon. We had to stop at a friend's house and borrow their vespa, but the view was worth my uphill battle . . .and now I want a vespa!

What a relaxing way to end the trip and start life on the left coast.

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