I am a bibliophile. At age three, I memorized Peter Goes to School and constantly asked my mom why he was having both milk and orange juice for breakfast. At age six, I had an attache case full of books I'd written, including one about Maine that stated, "I'm going to Maine, and I better watch out or a lobster will eat my toes."

Then there were journals and Judy Blume, poems and Kurt Vonnegut, more poems and more authors. I ended up working in a library after graduate school and thoroughly enjoyed shelving and straightening the endless rows of books.

Books are forgotten friends and home. I'm thrilled to have my collection unpacked. I used to arrange books by subject, but decided to join a more pleasant design aesthetic and arrange them by color. I've gotten a lot of crap for this, but I like it. . .for now. Sometimes I have the urge to mess everything up and have a haphazard arrangement. Then it would seem deliberate if something caught my eye--like it was pleading to be revisited.

Now that I'm looking at pictures, they aren't magazine-worthy by any means, but not everything can sit perfectly staged on a shelf. I like them anyways.

This seems like an appropriate next purchase.


  1. Julie, You are hilarious! I thought I was obsessive about organization, but by color??? That must have taken a long time! But it looks great.

  2. Oh and I love the "Making It Lovely" blog. She's awesome!

  3. I have to say, I just did this, and Brian was not happy. ha ha ha! I only did a few shelves and I like it. But it's really totally impractical when you're looking for something. Guess I'll switch back to alphabetizing!