Dreamy sleep

It seems during budget-crisis times that I'm always dreaming of buying something. I haven't been exploring lately because 1) I can't buy anything and 2) it's been grey and wet here. Usually on rainy days, I'm under the comforter with the pillows stacked and a good book, so I've been imagining the perfect bed. I'm a soft, white sheets gal, but I've been tempted to incorporate patterns. Dwell Studio's Draper sheet set is ideal, and that may be because I think of Don Draper from Mad Men when I see the name.
Draper sheet set

While I'm dreaming, I would add a wool blanket and a throw.
Swans Island white-on-white summer blanket

Jonathan Adler Nixon throw

I'm not a fan of littering the bed with a jumble of pillows, but one or two of these wouldn't hurt.

West Elm Vintage Bird duvet and sham set

African Designs mudcloth pillow

Shop One Eleven pleated pillow

A nice bowl on the nightstand to put jewelry and a print above the bed would complete the set!

Jill Rosenwald mini bowl

Yellena Flare print

While we're on the subject of budgeting, This Young House had a great entry about saving money. Don't forget to read the comments because the list of creative ideas goes on. 


  1. me likke your bloggie

  2. I love Mad Men! Brian and I have been watching it (just finished the 1st season). I can see why you like it, too, from a design standpoint.