The endless to-do list

  1. Paint pegboards for kitchen pots (We actually did this, but don't use "Mandarin" from Sherwin Williams because it comes out day-glo orange!).
  2. Paint hallway dresser.
  3. Clean oven--the door was smoking from all of the grease left by our previous tenants.
  4. Make Velcro covers to hide bathroom cabinet.
  5. Paint bathroom and bathtub--yellow has been a strong wall contender and possibly black for the tub.
  6. Find shade plant for planter box in bathroom window.
  7. Find a creative solution for bathroom towel storage--did I forget to mention that our apartment has a closet problem?
  8. New hardware for pantry and kitchen cabinets.
  9. Cover pantry shelves.
  10. Build bench for bay window.
  1. Four-poster bed. I'm waiting to see Ikea's new metal bed that should be out in a couple of months and keeping my fingers crossed that it's similar to Room and Board's Architecture bed
  2. Living room carpet.
  3. Living room chairs.
  4. Living room blinds.
  5. Floor lamp. I'm still in love with CB2's Bauhaus Arc floor lamp, but I can definitely settle for something vintage.
  6. Armoire for bedroom.

1 comment:

  1. So I guess we don't get to see pics of the place until you've done everything on your list. ha ha! Hope you're doing well. Do you love it there?