Love is in the air-and a little chalk too

I purchased a quart of chalkboard paint four years ago, and it sat unopened until recently when we decided to paint our hallway. We originally wanted to paint a small area by the door to remember where our cars were parked, but I was bold and said, "hell, why not do the whole thing while we're at it?"

Our friend Matt offered to christen the new wall, and what better way to celebrate the weekend of love than by breaking out old photobooth pictures and watching a friend chalk it up? Okay, so it may be a bit self-indulgent to like a gigantic picture of you and your significant other, but the portrait is awesome! I can't draw worth a lick, so anyone that can has a special place in my heart.
Before (excuse the quality)

p.s. That is not a ghostly orb, it's chalk in the air. The sketch is also around 3' x 3'.

This is why I'm happy we painted the hallway with chalkboard paint--you can feel like a kid again and not get in trouble for scribbling all over the walls, your friends can leave cool art for you to admire and it's a rotating gallery of original work.

I also got Jon a card from La Familia Green.

I'm a sucker for cheesy puns, and I really like their online shop. Plus, a percentage of their proceeds is donated to no kill animal shelters.

Hope everyone had a good weekend with someone or doing something they love.


  1. Okay, this is totally adorable! I love reading your blog and keeping up with you two. How's the job search going?

  2. ugh, check out the facebook for my job search. california is not so hot right now!

    thanks for reading my little blog though :)

  3. ugh this is so sweet it makes me want to vomit ;)