Passing Time

We spent Sunday afternoon strolling down Haight street and met a friend for a few beers since it's beer week here in San Francisco. 

We started at Ambiance--totally girly, but they have some good, cheap shoes and accessories. They're all over the city, so it's fun to stop in and browse. Then, I realized that I needed a new book and stepped into Forever After Books. The Yelp reviews of this store are hilarious, and it seems like the lady that runs the store isn't a big hit. I didn't think she was mean at all, but she definitely did not like cell phones and had a huge sign posted about taking pictures. The store was like stumbling into a hoarder's paradise, and the books were arranged in no logical order, to me at least (I couldn't find anything to save my life except for a biography on James Van Der Beek). Bottom line: I didn't get a new book.

We were off to Magnolia. They are celebrating beer week by having a "strong beer" month, and we tried three: 1) Old Thunderpussy Barleywine 2) Smokestack Lightning Imperial Stout 3) Tweezer Tripel.  Three was more than enough! Oh my gosh, that was the longest nap I've taken in a long time.

What goes with beer? Pizza! We ended the afternoon at Escape from New York. Not bad, but it's no Frank Pepe's!

The Haight may be a bit of a tourist trap, but you can definitely entertain yourself on a Sunday afternoon.

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