Another trip to Ikea

I swore to myself that I wasn't going to buy another piece of Ikea furniture. Don't get me wrong, I love Ikea with all of my heart; we just have so many identifiable Ikea pieces already and feel mixing in vintage and other finds is necessary. However, we desperately need an armoire for our bedroom, and I haven't found anything on Craigslist or around town that's the right fit or the right price.

In comes the Hemnes armoire.  It's discreet, and the clean lines certainly go with the existing furniture.

Now that I have my eye on the armoire, I've decided I might as well pick up a few extra things.
  1. A new lampshade for a small teak lamp because I grew tired of the raffia drum that originally came with it and threw that sucker out.  
  2. Three silver Ribba frames for the pictures we're hanging above the couch.
  3. Something from the Cecilia fabric line to cover all of the television equipment and unsightly wires.

Of course, I could wait until April 6 and hit the Alameda Flea Market!

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