Blog of the week!

My dear friend Meaghan, that crafty gal from Queering Domesticity, has been featuring a blog of the week.  Guess what? Meaghan was generous enough to feature lil ol' me!

If you haven't had the pleasure of reading Meaghan's blog, she's a sassy ginger and has covered a variety of topics recently including vintage finds, etsy favorites, recipes and what exactly is queer about domesticity. She also has a great interview with Auto-Straddle.

So, to my former koosh-ball throwing co-worker who decorated my cubicle with her craftiness and ate taco bell with me before we were both willing to admit it was evil, who came to my house and cooked me sausage, who helped me move all 20,000 times and who threw a Halloween party with more treats than Martha Stewart or Paula Deen could imagine. . .Thanks! 


  1. Thank you lady! I'm glad we're both blogging, even across the miles. xo!

  2. don't forget about us little people when you become famous!