Etsy Favorites

Jon's grandmother, Bea, has stopped e-mailing and reverted to handwritten letters. I could not love this more. There's something special about getting an unexpected letter that your grandmother has taken the time to write. Bea always writes about the weather, her garden, maintaining the house and occasionally jots down a few bird sightings. Last time, she included a few old letters that Jon had written to her from camp. Even though the letters are for Jon, he's sweet and lets me open and read them to him. 

I've always had a thing for unique penmanship. Everyone in my family writes meticulously, but no one writes in cursive like Bea. Today's Etsy favorites are a homage to cursive-inspired style  (and one print-inspired for good measure)!

Carly Bodnar: thanks
Phunk Lab: custom lovers' portrait on handwriting background

Zomb: I hate cursive button

Amanda Jean's Little Shop of Wonders: Home Sweet Home embriodered art

Nata G: Fish
in the words of Bid Daddy Kane

Isette: love necklace


  1. i should buy that button!

  2. haha that letter from camp was so cuuuute and hilarious of course!