It's time for a Domino post

As fellow bloggers were pining the loss of Domino, I was still stuck amid a sea of boxes and a dirty apartment. Once I was all settled in, I thought I had missed my chance to lament, but today's post is dedicated to Domino.

Q: Why?
A: Because there's a petition to save the magazine!  Sign here.

Like many loyal readers of the magazine, Domino was one of the first home decor magazines I subscribed to and read religiously. I knew it was a great magazine when I'd leave it around the house and Jon would start showing me pictures of things he liked, and we'd talk about the latest spread. It was accessible, young and savvy. You already know that!

Do your part and resurrect inspiration in print!

Here's a few random favorite Domino pics from my deco file that I though I'd share.


  1. seriously domino is the best bathroom read ever

  2. I recognize all of those! What terrific memories - the Target Headboard Bedroom is a great example of how well they did the high/low thing.