Like a rolling stone

Last week, Jon and I had a picnic on Baker Beach. While he napped, I scanned the shore for good rocks. I'm probably a little nostalgic because we're not visiting our usual vacation spot this year. We've vacationed on Block Island for the past 5 years, and every year I climb down the cliffs to Black Rock Beach, walk over thousands of beach stones and spend the day finding a few to add to my collection. 

Listening to water turning the stones and feeling them slide out from underneath my feet reminds me how temporary a moment can be and to appreciate the experience. The picture below was taken circa 2005 by Jon. It looks a little like that Ikea canvas (from 2006-2007, and now I can't an image to link to), but it's ours! We printed it on canvas, and it's the first thing we see waking up.

Some say that you shouldn't take stones and to leave them for others to experience their beauty, but I saw this picture on SFgirlbybay and felt reassured that as long as you're admiring their uniqueness in your home it's okay.

I love my stones, and I'm glad to see others appreciate them as well. Thank goodness for Design*Sponge introducing me to Resurrection Fern and Viva Terra.
Resurrection Fern: close proximity

Viva Terra: felted wool stones

Design Ideas: beach stone tabletop runner

Karen Eisenberg: beach stone necklace


  1. I caN Has BeAcch Rox? Beach RoX LUKs
    Purdy whIns sTax on Top o'cH 'Thr

    Seriously though, who says you cant collect beach stones? If they mean something to you, why not keep them and share them with others by exhibiting them tastefully around the house?

    Great Job, awesum show goodbye

  2. holy shit! are those giant rocks that you sit on?

  3. yes! how much fun is that? i would just dive on them all day like a bean bag chair.