Pimpin' ain't easy

I'm horrible at hobnobbing. In a room full of potential new friends, I gravitate to the couch and nurse whatever beverage is in my possession like it's my job. Then, the nervous giggle sets in and the long-winded sentences. Oh, I need a schooling in the art of small talk.

Yet, I did it.

On Friday night, Jon escorted me to "Think Spring and Carry On" hosted by Annie and Eric of Three Fish Studios, Victoria of SFgirlbybay and La Crema Winery (I'm no sommelier, so I'm not going to talk about wine like I know what's up, but their Sonoma Coast Chardonnay is delicious). It could have been the Anchor Steam and jambalaya at Just For You Cafe providing my nerves of steel, but we had a wonderful time! Annie, Eric and Victoria were amazingly gracious hosts. 

I've been reading Victoria's blog for a while now, so I made Jon hang around the cheese table until we could say hello. She is the bee's knees! She told us why she loves the city, why she decided to move here in the 90s and gave us the scoop on the Alameda Flea Market. Yes, the silly school-girl giggle is kicking in, but she's just so darn cool. When I still lived on the east coast, I'd wake up each Saturday and start the day by relaxing with her dreamy pictures, weekly bohemian finds and interviews.

Side note: I saw Bill Clinton once through the window of a D.C. restaurant and began jumping and squealing so loud the secret service got out of their gigantic, tinted SUV and told me to be quiet. That's sort of how I feel now.

We had such a great night exploring a new neighborhood; looking at original, affordable art and meeting new people. We've already signed up for the Three Fish mailing list. I've posted a few of our favorites below to share.

Jon's favorites of Eric Rewitzer
Terrorist Fist Jab
handpulled linocut print

Great Highway
handpulled linocut print

My favorites of Annie Galvin
Have No Fear
collage and painting

acrylic on wood

Our favorites of Victoria
Keep Calm and Carry On
hand silkscreened poster

Spot Color
hand silkscreened poster
The Pantone colors of Spot Color, the newest edition, are lovely in person!

Of course, we didn't leave empty-handed and purchased an original painting by Annie based on the Rex May signpost scattered throughout town. Hey, we've only been in California a short time, so we still have tourist rights!

This is giggly school girl signing out.

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  1. Best post so far
    I enjoyed the Gallery- You weren't that bad!

    Lets do it again!