This bud's for you

I couldn't help myself on the title.

My weekend explorations included a walk to Xapno, previously Zuzu's Petals, to peruse the flowers and cacti (don't let the Web site fool you, this shop is a cache of letterpress cards, plants and spoon rings). I snagged an umbrella fern and a prickly pod (that's what I'm naming it because I'm bad and didn't write the name down), but the shop had a variety of Kermit mums, spider mums, eucalyptus, orchids, dogwood branches, string of pearl and purple clover. Some lady in the shop chuckled at my small purchase, but all I had was 7.00 and two bud vases. I keep it simple.

So, I brought a little spring into the apartment.

You may recognize the Ikea bud vase that has graced many decor-junky homes. The other vase is from a clearance shelf at Michael's. For your viewing pleasure, here's some more bud vases to hold whatever comes your way.

Rose and Radish: Wetter Indochine Pia Bottle Vase
Alright, it's not technically a bud vase, but the canary vase is on sale for 24.99! Snatch it up!

Fred Flare: Bird Vase
If your heart is set on white and Fred Flare runs out, Urban Outfitters has you covered.

While we're on the avian theme, this chickadee is on the Spring it-list.

Abitare: Bird Bud Vase
Currently out of stock.

Doe: the classic J. Mendicino Cobblestone vase

Dovetail: bicycle pitcher

If you're budget-conscious, you can always go my route and break out the moonshine jugs and dressing cruets!
A few results on ebay.

Crafted by a friend's mother!


  1. Viva Terra's set @ 39. includes the chickadee and a dove! You think I should 'Spring' for a few sets while they're available there?

    Love your umbrella fern! How smashing would that be as part of a centerpiece tableau?

  2. oooooh, let's grab a few from viva terra!

    p.s. i'm updating the post with that tidbit.