Time out-take a leap with me here

Wandering around the Upper East Side during the summer of 2006, I somehow managed to pass by Ron Perelman's house--excuse me, one of Mr. Perelman's houses--and the townhouse Dr. Bartha blasted during a divorce battle. Even though I had indirect contact with a billionaire and a mad man, I was too hungry to notice and stopped at the first sign of food, which happened to be Le Bilboquet

The space was named after a french children's game and is about the size of the cup used in said game. I felt drastically unhip crammed next to old women bedecked in gold bangles and young girls falling out of their extra-large shirts paired with leggings before Lindsay Lohan declared them the end-all-be-all wardrobe staple. 

Yet, the food was delicious and the art was, thankfully, unavoidable. The restaurant was flanked by oversized photographs from Roberto Dutesco's series "Wild Horses of Sable Island." For perspective, I've included a picture of Jim Dow's home featured in the May 2008 issue of Metropolitan Home magazine.

What fascinated me so much about the photos was the juxtaposition of the horses' movement against a sterile white. They appeared to be plucked out of their environment and dropped onto a set. As I devoured a Caesar salad, I couldn't stop staring at the animals, and I enjoy an animal as art when it's not cheesy.

Dutesco's series includes many images of the horses in their natural element; the images at Le Bilboquet happened to be close-ups.

Since I don't have Ron Perleman's wallet, I knew I would never own a Dutesco. Yet, thank goodness for Sharon Montrose. Her photographs keep my dream of animal art alive and accessible. Montrose's subjects are set against a blank canvas, further accentuating their personality, and some of them are downright funny and adorable (cue baby crane and bunny).


Pheasants and roosters were just added in the etsy shop March 24!

Check Sharon's blog for a giveaway (supposed to happen today). 

Oh, and yet another reason why I love this woman! I'll stop doting now.


  1. OMG, I love her stuff! I saw the bunny photo a few weeks ago on a design blog (probably where you saw it, too) and I was smitten (I call Em "Bunny").

    That french bulldog book is the JAM. SO cute!

  2. Oh my god, I want the Dutesco horses print! Did you read his poems on his website? Whew! Better photographer. Thanks for Sharon's etsy site, too. I might have to get one of these...

  3. Thanks for shining a light on this work! The vultures are just the thing I need for my goth-effect powder room and, owing to my obsession with the Florida icon, I shall have to take the alligator as well! A swell find indeed.

  4. BTW - love how your 'bangs' shot parallels the Dutesco prints!