Weekend inspiration

It still delights me how well nature and the manufactured dwell harmoniously in San Francisco, and I've been eerily drawn to this picture we took from Buena Vista Park because it captures precisely what surprises me on a daily basis.

The chiaroscuro element of darkness surrounding light, nature vs. man, hazy oranges seeping through shaded undertones, muted whites. The verticality makes me envision rich, narrow spaces or small, sable rooms punctuated with color.

My inspiration goes darker: black or brunette walls with muted oranges and creams, dark hallways with puddles of light, natural elements against industrial . . . elevating a space to grandeur.

image source
Prop stylist Christine Rudolph

p.s. Those are mussel shells on the wall.

I know it's the hot topic, but I had to post this image from Neville and Sharon's home.

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