Woodblock prints

Who would guess their parents' art collection would make a lasting impression? In my childhood home, Joichi Hoshi and Tadashi Nakayama occupied our hallways and bedrooms. My two eternal loves were combined by these artists--trees and all things ethereal. I was captivated by the prints' organic complexity and intrigued by wood as a medium to produce movement because it appears so unyielding, yet truly is just as intricate as the prints. 

Nakayama: Afternoon, Riding Horse Festival

Nakayama: Girl with Poppies

Hoshi: Red

Hoshi: Treetops
Bios provided by Hendricks Art Collection.

I continue to appreciate woodblock artists, old or new, rare or attainable. Thanks to all who continue working in this timeless medium!

Rare finds
Gustave Baumann: title unknown

Kaoru Kawano: Three Eyes

Attainable finds

Edamame Press: Red Hydrangeas

Tugboat Printshop: High Seas Drifter


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