Daydreaming: it all started with a bed and Barbara Hill

I've been thinking about this Piet Hein Eek bed for quite some time. The rounded edges juxtaposed with knotty wood makes my heart skip. It's rustic, yet doesn't dare walk the fine line of country-chic. I've daydreamed about the perfect room and house for the tree trunk bed and decided it has to be reminiscent of Barbara Hill's Marfa House circa 2006. 

I'm a minimalist at heart. I'd rather have nothing than something to take up space, and everything needs to serve a purpose. Thank you Donald Judd for influencing the decor of Marfa and ultimately influencing me! Okay, I will never be as utilitarian as Judd, but adapting a space to its surrounding environment is elemental.

P.S. Two Bresson Rockers would have to fit somewhere in the dream house.

I've slowly started expanding from my inspiration bed to other parts of the house. One day it will all fit together sublimely.

I can't remember where I found these! I thought it was Desire to Inspire, but I'm not 100%. Bad blogger!


  1. best post of the week

  2. Weirdness that I saw this today. I've been thinking about you and interior design lately. This reminds me of flipping through books on architecture and design. I wish I still had time for that. I'm getting rid of oodles of books and when I came across the design books I thought of you. Also, I caught a few minutes of a Will and Grace rerun and I noticed Grace had a whole wall of Fornasetti plates.

    You have the best taste.

  3. Shaun,

    Thank you for the kindness! I was just scrolling through and saw your comment. You've made my morning.