Do unto others

This weekend I halted my own decor improvements to help spruce up the home of Miss Shirley. Although a team of volunteers worked for two weekends, I joined on the final day, paintbrush in hand, and tackled the trim with my friend Erica. I'm still wearing more paint than I managed to get on the house, but it was an amazing way to spend the afternoon.

Sometimes it's so easy to be absorbed in your own projects that random acts of kindness fall to the bottom of the to-do list. I've been focused on finding an armoire, printing pictures and choosing the perfect stain for our bathmats, so when the opportunity to help someone who genuinely needed home improvements came along it was a wake-up call to put materialistic things aside and be grateful.

Saturday ended up being the perfect day, so I'll get off my soapbox and move to Sunday. My other act of kindness was treating Jon to brunch at Foreign Cinema. The ambiance was incredible. We sat in the courtyard at a tiny reconstructed wooden table, the sun was shining past the strings of globe lights, ivy was crawling up the back wall . . . I was incredibly excited to nosh. Then, the food. Our fried eggs and crab frittata were so mediocre. It was huge disappointment because everything sounded delicious on paper. Maybe we tried the wrong dishes, but that seems like a weak excuse. We would have enjoyed scrambled eggs and popovers at home more.
Lesson learned, we walked the mile+ home and made banana bread.

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  1. Ah, that's too bad about the breakfast. But that's great about your volunteering. Sounds like you're doing really well there--I'm happy for you!

    So when are you going to reveal your lovely new place? I'm dying to see it! I love all the little peeks, like your new benches.