I like kindness

Bear with me through the week; I apologize the posts have been a lacking while I'm readjusting to a 9-5 schedule and the absence of a computer. Don't think I haven't recognized my own slack, it's just that not much is going on this week.

Jon and I did have a photo war over this cherry tree, and I won hands down. 

Thank goodness one of us has been productive. Let's talk about a few more things the beard in this operation has done for me this week--no, I don't mean beard like "in-the-closet cover up;" I mean guy with a beard (it seems to be a winter beard because it's M.I.A. at the moment). Anyways, while I've been finding brainless, fattening ways to use up fresh mozzarella and transforming brown rice into a calorie fest (I can cook, I'm just lazy at the moment), Jon has focused outside our pantry and picked what he deemed "the wildflower ensemble."

And, he painted my latest vintage shop find. I've been eyeing this basket, hoping it would go on sale, but I caved and bought it. I really wanted something red, and voila! Hopefully, the mail, keys, and any other small pieces of paper the beard tracks into the house will end up here.



Jon has made my week! 


  1. hahaha thanks for clearing up the fact that Jon isn't your beard!