Meet Myra. . .

the Meyer Lemon Tree.

She smells wonderful and is so little right now, but hopefully she'll be able to produce lemons once the fog of June and July has dissipated. She's living in the best organic soil and is fed citrus fertilizer regularly. Of course lemon trees enjoy a sunny spot, which is an absolute oxymoron in this city at times, so we're waiting to see how she does on the top landing of our building before moving Myra to the roof. It's windy up there, but that may be the only option. There's going to be a lot of TLC involved, but I'm confident.

I would love to have a container garden, but our building doesn't provide the optimal elements. The next step is finding the perfect crop share to join, and I've narrowed the search down to two. One CSA finds land in your neighborhood, plants what you want and removes the compost for you.

For now, Myra's the most room we have to grow something. And yes, I personify my plants. 


  1. i hope myra doesn't grow up never knowing me!

  2. Myra already calls you Aunt Jess and will bring you many baby Myra's in the future.