The Photographic Dictionary

Have you had a chance to explore this? If not, you'll be scrolling through entries in no time. 

Simona Paleiri

The Photographic Dictionary is a project to define words literally, figuratively or personally found in each photograph. I used to be obsessed with the MacMillan Visual Dictionary, but this may win the prize.

Kelly Burgess

Robert S. Johnson

While we're on the subject of photography and captivating projects, another favorite of mine for a while now has been The Anonymous Photo Project. Cameras are placed in random locations throughout the world and details of their whereabouts are listed on the Web site. If you find one, snap away and return the entire camera to the address given.

Here's a snapshot from the most recent camera found in Nanaimo, British Columbia.

I'm not saying to much because half the joy of these innovations are exploration.

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  1. yeah i really really love the anonymous photo project!