Shake it up!

With all the sickness and now the rain, I need something to cheer me up and Shotgun Party will do the trick. Shotgun Party, from Austin, is plain old fashioned country. There's some Texas two-step, some bluegrass, some honky-tonk influences going on, so I'm just describing it as fun. 

Here's what Kinky Friedman has to say, Best songs I've heard since Christ was a cowboy. An old rugged cross between Leonard Coen and Tom Waits. Jenny Parrott has the purest most un-caffeinated voice this side of Loretta Lynn.

Plus, they are cute, and Jenny is my future sister-in-law, which makes me smile, and Katie plays a mean fiddle. They recently recorded new songs and are playing gigs across the U.S. They'll be in California in May! It's like a double-dose of happiness!


Shotgun Party at Sam's by YouTube user dancecontest.

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  1. OMG I love Shotgun Party- I'll go with you when they come to the Bay!