Spy cam subject #1: the french

Have I discussed my obsession with French Bulldogs? I think this may have been a taste if you choose the right link. Say what you will, I don't care if they look like gremlins; they are spunky little studs and bitches.  Although I've come to the realization that mutts need love too and will welcome a pound puppy or rescue into our home when time permits, I can still stop random strangers on the street to pet their frenchie or sigh loudly when one struts by, right?

Since we've been holed up all weekend and the place reeked of chicken noodle soup, I opened the living room window yesterday and immediately heard the roughest little yelp. It was kismet and sounded like Katherine Hepburn reincarnated. Sure enough, it was a frenchie sighting outside my window. So like any crazed feign, I took secret pictures. I think I'll name her Delores. 

Then, what do I see from the bedroom window spying on people below? This guy. 

Am I that crazy dog lady sans dog? I've threatened to get the invisible leash and take it out on strolls. People are nuts over their french bulldogs, and there is some hideous paraphernalia floating around. Let's hear it for those who do justice by the frenchie!

These Creatures: french bulldog feeder

Branch and Birdie: faux bois french bulldog pillow

Henri Hopper: Henri with the stars

Osbourne and Little: Best in Show wallpaper
I spy a bulldog, and it better be french.

Sew Bettie: bulldog fabric

Central Crafts: french bulldog salt and pepper shakers

Another three cheers for FB guerrilla art, particularly FAKE!

Last but least, a tribute to the perfect home accessory, Bacon, as seen on Apartment Therapy.

And the obsession as been sated.


  1. i'm thinking a french bulldog version of the sartorialist may be necessary.

  2. I think you have an obsession with Frenchies