I desperately tried to steal a closer look at a set of benches in a nearby shop window, but this week was hectic. On Wednesday, I made up my mind that it was meant to be. How else could I explain how they found their way to our neighborhood shop, falling right into my lap? That was it; I was picking up my new benches Saturday. 

Well, Jon sent me a text saying, "give me a ring when you're done volunteering, and we'll pick up your benches." I kicked it into high gear and speed-walked, which is next to impossible uphill, to the shop, and *gasp* the benches aren't in the window. No! I even asked the salesclerk, and she said they were sold earlier that afternoon . . . cue sad face. I called Jon to mope the rest of the way home and felt utterly defeated.

Guess what?

There they were, right in the living room window where I had imagined!!!!

Oh, the best surprise gift ever. I know the pictures are a little hard to distinguish, but they are white linen with orange velvet squares, which equals happiness.


  1. Julie, Those are awesome! Is that a built in window box? I'm so jealous!

  2. I gotcha good !!

  3. Those are badass. Now what are you getting for meeeee?

  4. I found an old ikea floor lamp right next to a calendar from 1997 on the street. . .you like?

  5. I'll take them both. '97 was a really good year.