Wooden ships on the water

Can I be more obsessed with ships, woodblocks or paper cut outs? Probably not, but this is the last time I'll talk about it. . .pinkie swear. 

Jon and I have always loved Yankee by Sandra Swan. Her artwork is featured at the Jessie Edwards Studio on Block Island. I want to be aboard the Yankee sailing to an island.

Sandra Swan: Yankee
Glicee print

I'm not sure what it is, but I love wooden ships. I even love the Jefferson Airplane song, and when I saw an old black, wooden sailboat (think pirate ship) last week, I almost caused a pile-up on the bridge. Therefore, I'm ecstatic to have stumbled upon Joe Bagley's papercuts. Yes, he has a ship in the collection, but his work also includes architecture, branches and original designs.

Joe also made a custom lamp, which strongly resembles a Tord  Boontje, but features his custom branches. 

Papercuts by Joe: paper branches light chandelier

Okay, now that I'm slowly transforming into a pirate, I'll give it a rest on the ships.

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