Bay to Breakers

Well, the pictures speak for themselves, but let me see if I have my history correct. Bay to Breakers began approximately 98 years ago as a morale booster for those rebuilding the city after the 1906 earthquake. It is the longest, consecutively run footrace in the world. Today, it's basically a chance for non-running residents to be even more crazy than they normally are one day per year. 

The legitimate runners are first out of the gate around 8:00 a.m. . . .

and then the party floods the streets. 

Keep in mind, this is where the race move from Hayes to Fell. There's waaaaaay more people behind the houses.

You always have the one idiot that has to climb the sign post. I think he tried to scale the Popeye's 10 minutes later. 

Our house is one block away from the half-way point, and the crowd had dissipated there by noon. All-in-all, I've never had a more festive Sunday morning, and it was definitely getting out of bed and experiencing. Some say this year was very tame compared to previous races, but it seemed like everyone had their fun and took siestas the rest of the afternoon.

For more pics, check out a few of the best on flickr.

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  1. haha! who doesn't wish they were having this much fun?!