Modern Economy Sale

Q: What equals the perfect Saturday? 
A: A room of deeply discounted home objects, mint juleps and an incredible Derby race.

Jon and I ventured to the Modern Economy sample sale at Fort Mason sans umbrella but armed with a credit card and a large bag.
This was taken before we noticed the "no media or photography" sign.  Oops!

Yeah, it was that dreary.

The setup wasn't quite what I had imagined. I thought each seller would have their own booth, but everything was piled atop tables in the center of a small room and had been well-picked over by 11:00 a.m. The favorite item of the day - terrariums and air plants. People were buying them by the box full. I settled on some vases and decided to buy the air plants from neighborhood stores where they're cheaper. The deals were incredible; most of our purchases were 40-60% off. It was definitely worth the long checkout line! Some notes for next time:
  • Arrive early
  • Have one person stand in line while the other looks
  • If you think you want it, pick it up
  • Scope out the vendors online and visit their Web sites
So, what did we end up buying?

Jean Pelle: candle holder (2)
Simrin: set of napkins (4)

Nantaka Joy: notecards

Deadly Squire: oven mitt and potholder
Henry Road: napkins (to be used as dish towels)

I'm most excited about the Jean Pelle candle holders because I've admired the designs for some time and the J. Mendicino vase because I'm taking that to work.

Modern Economy sample sale = success

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