Oh the places you'll go

My book club is currently reading Jane Jacobs, "The Death and Life of Great American Cities." Although I'm participating in absentia, one thing I learned from Jacobs is changing neighborhood perspective by utilizing a different side of the street. So, I've stopped taking the same path from point A to B and am making it a point to randomly cross the road (when cars are not present, of course).

Q: What happened when I ventured down the other side of the street? 
A: I found an amazing curiosity shop

It was like opening my dresser drawer and multiplying the contents. Seriously. I suddenly reattached to everything in my childhood desk and almost called my mom to mail me the treasures. The Perish Trust has a refined collection of antique books, lamps, feathers, figurines and vintage typewriters. The store was a time-warp to a Southern parlor, and I had to touch everything. It was like stepping into a gothic narrative with a touch of magical realism. . .Davy Crockett belts, mythical necklaces, book plates, rusted baskets, binoculars.

The messages typed by previous perusers were hilarious.

Here's my mitts grabbing a rubber stamp set that I'm now obsessed over and can't believe I have to wait until Wednesday to buy it. I'm praying it's still there.

They also had peanuts and salted caramels by Hooker's. It was a carnival, and I've been inspired.

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