Self Portraits

Yes, I enjoy a touch of what some might call "weird." Thankfully, the gallery where I volunteer has a pretty interesting exhibit this month (I'm omitting a link at the moment because it's NSFW), but one artist particularly caught my fancy. Ryan Whittier Hale's digitally enhanced self-portraits are printed on plexiglass, making the colors all the more striking and the content all the more lustrous.


Hale's description of his portraits follows: 
In my self-portrait series, I work with multiple self-portraits where I digitally composite myself into the same photograph several times. I create narratives where I create imaginary, incestuous relationships with myself that express my inner conflict about the male identity.

Two Men in a Hallway

Last year, Hale also fully detailed his methodology on his blog, which doesn't seem to be active at the moment.

I'm enamored by the medium, the oddity found within each scene and the story evoked.  Hale captures your senses with these amazing colors and holds you hostage by the content, which is a dark fantasy world you're not sure you want to step into, but do it regardless.

Hallway Lurker

Figure Under Table

Untitled Snow

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