Before and after: bathroom

Subtitled: We rent, and there's just some things you live with.

I promised projects, and I delivered with a few budget-friendly solutions! The lighting is not the best, so I apologize in advance.

Before After
Excuse the before with the towel on the floor due to a leaky tub.

Let's pause and discuss this vanity cover. The original vanity was sick. Period. It was the first thing on my to-do list. For some reason, I thought life would be more civilized when I didn't have to stare at cheap wood and hideous hardware. 

Budget Breakdown
  • Ikea fabric: $6.00 (I was undercharged because it was a ton of fabric for this amount.)
  • Velcro: $10.00
  • Sewing: $10.00 (I totally paid the cleaners downstairs to sew the velcro, but you bet your sweet arse I used the iron-on hem from my ikea curtains for the rest. What has two thumbs and is handy with a sewing machine? Not this lady.)
Before  After

The green tub was another sore-spot. It's hard to see, but the green on the tub was bad. Now, I know it looks as though the bathmats are painted the same green, but they aren't. I promise. I would have painted the entire tub black, but Jon really liked the gold feet. Compromise is key! 

Here's another insight - Jon and I both hate bathmats. Something about wet rug grosses us out, so we painted two deck slats.

Budget Breakdown
  • Free! We used leftover chalkboard paint (we checked that it was safe first).
Before After

Our view was not so lovely. We either stared at a dirty wall or directly into our poor neighbors bathroom.  Solution? Add a little fauna.

Budget Breakdown
  • Planter: Free (We've had this for a year, so I'm counting it as a repurposed item.)
  • Plants/soil: $20.00 (We picked Japanese Forest Grass because it does well in low light.)
Before After

Again, pardon the crumpled towel. You may wonder what was wrong with the medicine cabinet in the first picture. Well, it was completely rusted on the interior and left marks all over the wall.

Budget Breakdown
A view of the left wall.

Just in case you were intrigued by what is on the shelf above the toilet.

What else can we do?
  1. Well, I'm not ripping the floor up or swapping the mirror because, like I mentioned, it's not worth it as a renter.
  2. Should we paint? We've definitely thought about it. It may be next on the list.
  3. Art - I'm going to hang something between the shelf and the toilet and maybe on the back of the door. 
  4. Magazine rack - every bathroom needs one.
For approximately $66.00, bathroom living is on the way to being more enjoyable.


  1. when did you paint the bathmats?! love it!

  2. i painted the bathmats on the roof! next to the greenhouse! gotta love electric green

  3. it's true. this anonymous painted them 2 weeks ago when myra moved. i'm digging the color!

  4. Yous two did a fab-up job!

  5. i love how jon comments as anonymous, but then calls himself out.