Block Island

This week Jon and I are usually sipping gin and tonics on the lawn of the Springhouse Hotel, partaking in siestas and eating a ton of seafood. I've been so sad that we were unable to make it to Block Island this year. We've always had such an amazing vacation with family and friends, sharing beautiful houses each year. Although friends and family make the vacation, I really like the idea of a cozy cottage for a week with not a soul in sight.

Trim's Pond Studio is a favorite of mine for the obvious simplicity and minimalism. I'm not a big fan of pastels on the wall, but they are doing the trick at Trim's Pond. It's dreamy, light and I wouldn't mind hunkering down there when the fog rolled in.

Can you imagine eating dinner on the deck of Sabia Cottage with that view? I'd probably sleep out there too.

Every year I pass by Saylor Cottage, and there's usually an old lab asleep on the porch. I've always wondered about the interior. I imagine a bona fide sailor decorated the place, and the cabinets are full of spinach like Popeye's.

I would pack up the car today and move back East for a good New England vacation.

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