By the way. . .

I really liked
Timber's kitchen featured as a Sneak Peek on Design*Sponge. I have a growing collection of Fornasetti plates that could easily go above the cabinets as well as a hodgepodge of blue ceramics. I can't remember if it was domestic dame Martha Stewart or domestic goddess Ina Garten, but one of them suggested collecting one color of tableware to easily mix and match. How quaint! So it's been blue for me! 

P.S. I'm anal enough to keep the glass cabinets that orderly too.


  1. I believe it was Ina! She collects white/cream stuff, if I recall.

    Martha could've said it too, though. Hmph!

  2. Ina! How could I forget your tidbits of wisdom and that lemon chicken!

  3. Man. Can I move in with you for a weekend so we can recreate the wine and cheese party?