Curbside Score

No, no, not questionable substances. I found the Book of Interiors 2005 Ireland edition outside someone's stoop Sunday and shoved it in a friend's bag. Don't worry, it was a freebie.

While Ireland's finest homes in this issue are a tad too put together for my taste (I understand it's a photo shoot for a book, but I'm just saying that I like something to looked lived in), it's been fun to explore how the posh live on the other side of the pond. Most of the interiors are beautiful, and it's a nice escape. If you happen to see it on the sidewalk, I recommend picking it up. I also scored a used ticket stub to the NJ transit stuffed inside. Yes!


  1. i will keep my eye out for this gem next time I got trash digging!

  2. i know dumpster diving is a new hobby for you. that's where you found fat cat.