Dining in the proper place

The last time I saw a functional dining table in my house was over four years ago, which is one reason my couch has such wide arms. A dining table would be lovely and civilized, but I just haven't found room for one. That doesn't stop a girl from dreaming, and yesterday, my friend e-mailed me a challenge: help find a small dining table that seats four people, is rectangular, slim and inexpensive for his new condo. 

I started searching for glass tables thinking something transparent would work well in a small space. Some of the contenders are listed below.

The Silverado dining table from CB2 is so simple and classic, but it was too long.

Love, love, love the Atos table, which can be ordered from STL Loft Style, but the price was little out of range for the project.

This is like Goldilocks, right? 

After some thought about material - glass, wood, metal, smooth finish, rustic, etc. - my friend found this one on STL Loft Style, which is the closest to what he envisioned and falls within budget. It's not glass, but it's so sleek that it won't bombard both physical and visual space.

I can't wait to see how it looks with his kick ass chairs!

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  1. I like the first table best-my two cents~!