Nobody's perfect

Don't worry, it's better than this!

A few weeks ago, my dear friend expressed the realization that her home would never look magazine-worthy or something along those lines. She had accepted everyday life events. Maybe there's socks on the floor, jackets on the chair, little pieces of paper piling up in random spots, dishes in the sink and heaven-forbid. . .dust! 

I've thought a lot about this and realized that the apartment will never be perfect. I've been waiting to share some of our improvements until everything was pristine. However, this is an ever-evolving process and will never be staged perfectly. I'm too fickle to settle on the perfect picture or paint color - that's why I love browsing magazines and blogs. . .because someone else already has! The reality of it all is that we cook dinner, throw our socks around, leave empty glasses on the table without coasters and let the ironing board sit in the corner every night.

It's life, and I'm just about ready to share a few of the finished projects. Get ready for a before and after this week.



  1. It's about time! ;)

    Excited to see your projects and your place.

  2. ohh ohh ohh i wanna see what it looks like too

  3. the next time i see something out of place that makes me want to lose my mind, i will look at that dirt house and feel better, thanks julie!