Retail therapy

Call it a bad habit, but buying myself a gift when I'm blue always cheers me up. As a friend used to say, it's a sorry dog that doesn't wag it's own tail. So I gave myself and the economy a little boost this weekend.

During a leisurely stroll to find an art store, I ended up finding an incense holder that made the perfect ring dish instead. Funny that the actual incense holder was only taped on. I ditched that puppy in a heartbeat and can sleep better knowing my rings are in a designated spot on my nightstand (Borderline neurotic? Nah.).

We ended up at Rare Device, and what appears on the shelf? A Beehouse salt box. Ironically, that morning I was digging through all the cabinets and drawers in search of the perfect salt container. It was meant to be although you're thinking, why can't you use a salt shaker dolt? I'm a kosher salt kind of girl, and salt shakers aren't cutting it.

Thank goodness this card by Hello Lucky about fell off the shelf when I passed, or someone may have been grumpy on Father's Day.

All are useful treasures, and I feel good.

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