Closer look at Frank Chimero

Frank Chimero is a design and typography professor at Missouri State University with an impressive ethos and theory on work.

Jon stopped by his Renegade booth while I was off looking at charm bracelets or sniffing out cupcakes, handed me his flyer and said, "his prints of different states are pretty cool."

So it was noted. They are pretty cool. Cool enough to warrant a closer look from our Renegade round-up. Feel free to take a stab at recognizing the states below.

Chimero exclaims, The States are a personal project. There’s no set order to them. I make them on the side to normal, paying, “real-person” work, so patience, please. You'll have to sit quietly and wait for Virginia (*ahem, Virginia please Mr. Chimero!) or Alaska.

By the way, Chimero also contributes to Thinking For a Living - a platform to discuss the passion of design.

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