Daily Drool

Today, I've been dreaming of curling up in bed and staying there. Massucco Warner and Miller's bedrooms look so comfortable, mainly because the bed is the focus. They aren't trying to cram unnecessary objects into their bedrooms. It's sleek, classic with a twist, and I want to climb up in a king size to doze the day away.

All images are from a D.C. home, which may be another reason I like them!

Oh, and does window look slightly familiar? 



White Console Table = Check
Two benches = Check
Rug = Check (not pictured)
Better Drapes = Will do!
Plants and Lamp = Will do!

If I had taken a step or two back in my shot, it would show we have the same working space. Well, of course it looks less bohemian and more purposeful with those billowy drapes, but now I have a great inspiration picture!

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