Is grouping the answer?

While at the salon, I was leafing through the June issue of Harper's Bazaar and thoroughly enjoyed the spread on Max and Lubov Azria's mansion. Every room was exquisite, but the wall of sunburst/starburst mirrors rekindled my appreciation for the retro accessories.

My appreciation dwindled a few years ago when they appeared in a plethora of trend alerts. I mean, Crate and Barrel has a starburst, which I happen to like very much, and Babies-R-Us even has a decent model. If you don't want to foot the price, there are even DIY instructions for making your own. Obviously, it's an accessory that stands the test of time (how long? 50-something years at least), and maybe I should join the club.

Yes, I understand grouping like objects isn't a new trick. Peruse Apartment Therapy or the Design*Sponge sneak peeks and there are clusters of plates, random artwork, tchotchkes, etc. The mirrors, however, caught my eye. I tend to like the credo, "If you're going to have one, why not start a collection?"

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