Quick disclaimer

My friend Meaghan has shifted my brain into overdrive, and today requires some action. I've toyed with the idea of referring to Jon as "the beard." It seemed cute to have a nickname. I understand doing this for the sake of anonymity, but part of me cringes a little each time I read them. 

Now here's the disclaimer: I'm not trying to offend anyone. I'm simply, and quickly, expressing what works for me and why. 

He is not hubby, the lover, the boy, the whatever - he doesn't need a title in relation to me because he's an independent, living being. He's Jon. This is Jon who had a beard and shaved it off, who vacuums because I hate it, who graciously puts the toilet seat down, who has an affinity for PBR and potato chips and captures the memories of our lives. He's Jon, and that's what I'm calling him.

jfm (We'll work on this anonymity later!)


  1. You forgot the part about Jon being outstandingly handsome. And tall...he is very tall.

    Thanks for the shout out, and thank you for always caring and listening, even when it's hard or awkward or when I have a sign around my neck that says I'm God's gift to women. xo!

  2. tall and handsome does help, doesn't it?

    and thank you for having the courage to say things that shake up the world a bit. i like a good mental challenge and awkward conversations usually leave me knowing a little bit more myself!

    p.s. where's that sign?

  3. i think you're swell JFM

    you too meghan