Renegade Craft Fair: Wrap-up

My initial reaction stepping into the Renegade pavilion: overwhelmed. Look at all of the people and booths in the picture below! My two favorite things were suddenly melded into one - flea markets and crafts!

Here's a quick round-up (oh work, why do you interrupt my blogging?) featuring a small sampling of our favorite booths. Peruse at your will today and discover the treasures of these crafters/artists.

1.  Frank Chimero: The State Series is great. 2.  Rag Trader Vintage: Another booth where I couldn't decide on the charm I wanted and moved on sad (I'm visiting the site tonight). 3.  Tugboat Print Shop: Okay me and woodblocks, we get it, but Paul and Valerie are genius! 4.  Meg Mateo Ilasco: the terrariums live up to the hype. 5.  Mincing Mockingbird: A friend turned me on to the wicked humor of their magnets. Fois Gras this, motherf*#+er! 6.  Elizabeth Soule: Tiny animals with tiny props all beautifully photographed. Need I say more? 7.  P Charming: Nine words - kick ass charms that stand the test of time. 8:  Old Tom Foolery: Again, you know me and a witty card are two peas in a pod.

I think it may need to be a week of more extensive round-ups on these talents and give them the undivided attention they deserve


  1. Ack, I am so jealous! I will be in SF very very soon, and I hate that I missed out on RCF by like two weeks. Grrrrr.

  2. Holly, there's always something crafty going on in this city, but RCF was insane. I've never experienced a gigantic room filled with cool, handmade stuff. . .It was like a dream! I'll keep you posted if I hear of anything in the next two weeks.

    By the way, your blog title = good laughs at work today.