We all scream for ice cream

Usually there's a weekend project to talk about on Monday mornings, but this weekend consisted of watching scary movies (and making Jon turn on all the lights to escort me to the bathroom afterwards), discovering a french cafe in our neighborhood, pedicures and eating. Basically, it was time to relax. 

The past two weeks have flown by in a flurry of work, wedding planning, visits from friends and actually living a little. Minus the visits from friends, this month has started off a little stressful. There's been minimal time to spend on hobbies like sprucing up or exploring home stores, and there has been a lot to think about, which I'm sure I'll discuss later. I realized as I attempted to chill this weekend, I literally gravitated towards the chilly and ate copious amounts of ice cream. I love ice cream - vanilla with chocolate syrup was my childhood favorite. What is it that's so soothing about a scoop of cold cream?

Just a head's up, if you happen to live in San Francisco, Napa or  San Rafael have a scoop of Three Twins chocolate orange. It is spectacular! I also gorged on Marianne's mint chocolate chip (Santa Cruz parlor sans Web site), which is the most florescent green I've ever seen.

Until an ice cream maker finds its way into our home and I can feast on Ina's infamous ice cream bombe, here's the easiest 5-minute ice cream recipe I've tried. That's five minutes until a feeling as happy as a pig in sh*t! Blueberry or peach turns out exceptionally well. Got frozen fruit? Run to the store, buy some cream and relax!

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