Believe it or not, it's my second home and foggy at that

I know there haven't been many style-related posts lately, but I've been focused on home away from our actual home - mainly feeling at home in San Francisco. We spent a lot of time at AT&T park this weekend, and it may seem weird, but there's something about a packed stadium and the electricity of the fans that feels cozy to me. I've grown up in stadiums my entire life, so they are like a second home. Seeing the fog roll in Thursday night over the crowd and hearing visitors oooh and aaah was great.

Sorry to keep harping on the fog, but it's a new weather phenomena for me. The fog in Virginia could be mysterious and unexpected, but not this thick blanket that rolls through the streets or suddenly starts half way across the Golden Gate Bridge on my way home and isolates you from the entire world. I'm a bit of a weather geek.  I like a good thunderstorm, the first snow of winter, leaves changing and sweltering summers by the pool. Living with a forecast of sunny or foggy can be boring, so I'm embracing the change.

Pre-fog people watching

For good measure (and to fully get it out of my system), I'm posting a foggy flickr picture per day. Then I promise there will be no more fog for a while.

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  1. i LOVED the SF fog! I like how it looks like someone just pulled the curtains on an entire city.

    I'm a weather dork too.