Eat real wrap-up

The eat real festival this weekend was delicious. Jon and I managed to scarf down beef empanadas, carne asada tacos with cilantro salsa, cheese tamales, pickles, chicken adobo, falafel, chicken and sausage rice with fresh veggies, more carne asada tacos, another pickle, mango sorbet and curdled milk ice cream.

But who takes the prize from the carts we tried? Hands down Adobo Hobo, Los Cilantros and Nieves Cinco de Mayo ice cream and frozen yogurt. Check out all of the food on yelp. We really wanted to try the korean bbq cart, but the line was around the block. Oh my gosh if they had this every weekend, I would be as big as a house.

I was just happy to take a break from real, adult life like bills, cars, stupid insurance. . .and I digress. I can't wait to hit up Urban Nectar and Cultured Pickle Shop again either. mmmmmmm, food.

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