It was all a blur

I meant it when I said blurry.

This weekend went by way too fast with my mom. Jon took her sightseeing Friday, we headed to Napa on Saturday and finished off the tour with martinis at Top of the Mark on Sunday night. Jon took some great shots of the Golden Gate bridge and our favorite subject: fog. His painted lady shots are well worth the peek too. 

View from mom's hotel room.

I'll probably be a little pouty the next few days. My mom told me that when I was little she asked what I did on the first day of preschool, and I said, "walked around and cried." So that pretty much sums up my Monday blues. I'm going to be cleaning incessantly though. For some reason that woman makes me want to clean every inch of my apartment even though I just did. I swear I could see her taking note of the dust bunnies and hear her rewashing glasses before pouring the daily allotment of diet coke in them. 

Oh, I remembered another tip from mom's house
Always place the openings of your pillowcases towards each other (rather than facing the edge of the bed) because it's bad luck otherwise. Honestly, I don't remember the reason being an aesthetic one. Apartment therapy did a survey about this recently and public opinion seems to like outward.

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