Work aka the home away from home

During my library days, a friend vehemently refused to decorate his cubicle because he claimed that was the true indication you're staying at your job for the long haul (by the way, he was there for four years). I realized that there isn't much in the way of personal expression currently happening on my desk either. The job started as a temp gig, so I wasn't expecting to stick around. But, I'm here and except for the items below, it's pretty drab. 

I know you're impressed with my rubber band ball.

So if were to cozy the place up a bit, I wouldn't mind having the following:

Mateo Ilasco desk calendar

Moma store paperweight

Jac Zagoory bear claws staple remover

Dbros apple and pear note pads

Acmestudio Eames chairs card case

Moma store woodgrain file folders

Holy cow, I just went accessory crazy!

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  1. Nice radish postcard, buddy! :-)

    As you know, I fully advocate cubicle decor. My cubicle is a lot less insane, but I still have the clotheslines, of course.