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Goodness I have so much to discuss, but it's not quite the appropriate time. It's been dreary here, and Jon and I were huddled up on our friends' couch this weekend eating comfort food (pizza), doing comfort things (mortal kombat and beer) and watching comfort movies (I've never been so wrapped up in a Lifetime movie before. Stupid Fred Savage and Candice Cameron). I'm grateful to have friends that are gracious and let you sloth around their house when you need to just let go for a moment.

I know this blog focuses primarily on home decor, but, objects aside, home = comfort. Our friends' home has always felt more comfortable than our own. It's where we first landed when we reached California, and it's where we've had the best memories. It was nice to go back and cocoon ourselves away from reality for 48 hours. Thanks for the getaway.

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  1. you captured everyting perfectly-couldnt have said it better myself