What a productive staycation

At first I thought we sat around all weekend, but then I realized that we:
  1. Had a date night, which equals the best deep dish pizza and beers outside of the house
  2. Cleaned the apartment from top to bottom
  3. Purged our trunk of old shoes
  4. Booked our honeymoon
  5. Decided where to register and what to register for
  6. Found a birthday present for my nephew. I love this book
  7. Finished off this delicious goodness - you have to make this recipe
  8. Sat around Dolores Park and people-watched
  9. Had the best burrito, hands down, in the city. Haters of El Farolito need not speak up
  10. Bought an ice cream scoop (this is very important)
  11. Explored some new neighborhoods and decided we like ours
  12. Jon made steak and mashed potatoes - he didn't believe me when I said add yogurt, but all was well
  13. Reaped a bounty of veggies at the farmer's market
  14. Found a new show to watch. It's not new, but I am now addicted to Flipping Out
  15. And I also slept an extra hour on Sunday
I had a few pictures to share, but the camera is m.i.a. at the moment.


  1. Ooh, where are you going on your honeymoon?!

  2. somewhere far, far away from san francisco where's it not so foggy.

  3. oh my god, that guy on flipped out is ridiculous, he says everything that everyone else is thinking! i love him!