Daily Drool

Bloggers are buzzing over the online debut of Lonny, deeming it the new Domino, and now the hole in our hearts can be filled. Michelle Adams of Rubie Green and her right-hand man Patrick Cline have done an amazing job with the first issue, and I really appreciate that a few budget-friendly items are featured. I've looked through it at least 5 times in 24 hours. There's just something so exciting about a new magazine!
There's something to be said about booze and books.


  1. OMG, I had no idea about this magazine! However I have to run right out and buy it, and that is all your fault. I want to live in the zebra rug room, and in the pic below it.

  2. Oh my gosh, the glorious thing is that you don't even need to buy it. All 149 pages (or something like that) are online! I'm sure it'll turn subscription based at some point, but browse to your heart's content.

    There is something special about flipping through a magazine though.

  3. i was just going to say that I love the feel of a magazine! i know this is "green" but i hope it eventually comes out in hardcopy.